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My background is in engineering and I have worked for 25 years in various aspects of the graphic arts industry. I originally formulated this product as a lubricant for copper and brass. Then the product line was extended into a dry lube for woodworking and general purpose lubricant. After experiencing a water line break, consequently losing many memories to water damage, my wife asked for a coating to protect pictures and papers. Out of a need Preserve Your Memories II evolved by removing the lubricant from the basic formula, it became a water repellent, protective spray coating for photos, inkjet printing, scrapbooks, etc. PYM II was formulated with the environment and consumer protection as one of my top priorities.
The patent for these unique products was granted in May of 2002.

Once the product was ready to be marketed, we contacted the QVC to audition for their 2005 Decade of Discovery Tour. We were chosen as one of the top 100 products out of 5000. We were live on the tour from St. Louis, MO. We sold out in about 2 minutes when we did the newspaper demo a great experience. From there we went to the winter 2006 CHA convention and PYM II was chosen by several industry magazines as one of the Hot Picks of the show. It was thru these two experiences that we realized the need for a coating such as PYM II in the craft/hobby/ altered arts industry.

We have found most people do not believe what PYM II can do! That is why we invite you to watch the  Demos on our website. Also another reason we feel PYM II is unique,  Preserve Your Memories II is manufactured in the USA.                              

                                                 PYM II is a Quality Made Product

Preserve Your Memories II-Create-Coat-Protect does it all: seals, protects, water repellent, and provides a UV blocker is acid free, non-yellowing. PYM II dries in less than 2 minutes and takes on the texture of the material to which it is applied. We know you'll love the results with PYM II.

Preserve Your Memories II 
will give a professional looking coating and protection to your digital photos, inkjet printing, vellum, plastics, copper, metals, and all the marker art from your kids and grandkids. In addition, now you can get the boxes out of all the schoolwork and report cards that
you have wanted to preserve. You will now be proud to show your family and friends your PYM II coated inkjet photos.  Demo                            (no more finger prints or inkjet runs)

PYM II is great for preserving newspapers new and old. Please watch our demo. Do you have a journal? How about protecting the pages with PYM II? How about recipe books or cards? Once coated they are water and stain repellent.   Demo
Preserve Your Memories II is great for protecting Giclee, inkjet canvas printing or pencil, chalks, autographs.
Preserve Your Memories II has another unique feature that
once coated the surface can actually be written on with a marker and wiped clean with a soft cloth and water. It protects like a laminate but the material coated remains the same. Great feature for Teacher’s and for Homeschooler’s permanent portfolios. Now you can enjoy your memories and creations because it also eliminates fingerprints. Coats almost like magic.  Demo
Altered Artist as you will see on our projects page is finding many uses for PYM II. Use your imagination, what do you need to preserve & protect?    Projects

We love the feedback we are receiving from users of PYM II all the creative ideas of the many different uses for our product. One of my favorites was coating insects in a science     project and they didn’t fall apart.
We are so confident of this product I invite you to use it on one of your projects and if you are not happy return the unused portion for a refund of the purchase price less shipping within 30 days.   Order

Preserve your Memories II is one product for most of your coating needs. We invite you to visit our entire site, watch the demos and visit the projects page we will update it once a month.
Thank you
 Please e-mail or call us with any questions you may have about this new unique product.  
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