How do I get all the product from a aerosol can?

Why a Curved Bottom?
1. The shape Sthrenghtens the structure of the can.
   2. The shape makes it easier to use up all the product.

Inside a Aerosol Can
You will need to rotate your spray tip to get all the product from the can when only a small amount of product is remaining

Correct position of spray tip
Incorrect position of spray tip

Tip:   To keep your coating projects, digital photos free from dirt, dust, pollen, weather elements, high or low temperatures, high and low humidity and wind. See below solution.

I use Fed-Ex or US mail box for digital photos up to 8.5 X 11. Just cut out both sides and cover one side with a cloth, I used an old bed sheet. This allows the coating to evaporate yet protect it from the elements.
I have a large wood framed protective cover for large canvas prints or multi small ones. Cardboard boxes make great light weight covers with a great selection of sizes.
Just PYM II protect and cover for 2 to 3 minutes


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