Test For Scratch Resistance                Results      Rub Abrasion Mar Resistance ASTM D6279-03
InkJet Printing On Gloss Brochure Paper                     Very Good

Test For Volatile Organics  
Test (5030B/8260B) Expanded List 8260                      BQL              

Test For Color Fading, UV
Q-Sun Xenon Test Chambers. The UV test was conducted per ASTM G 154 , Cycle 8, as a guide. 
The measured irradiance was 0.69 W / m2 /nm at 310 nm, utilizing
 FS-40 bulbs. 
InkJet Printing On Gloss Brochure Paper                
Uncoated print has completely disappeared 
at the end of test.           
  Coated print had a Delta E 1.6  to 8.5  density from
measurement at start and end of test.                         Very Good  

Inkjet dot migration is less than
3 microns = 0.000 118 11 of an inch

PYM II UV protection
30 days direct light
2 years old photo

Uncoated inkjet photo 
30 days direct light
2 years old photo

Protects Inkjet Digital Photos 

Acid Free + Buffer

UV  Blocker

InkJet Photos

Below is a photo of color patches before and after the UV test chamber, showing the uncoated and coated, before and after results using PYM II.
We wanted to show you the ability of PYM II to protect what ever your project is and your digital photos from fading.

Preserve Your Memories II

Independent Laboratory Test

PYM II Coated Inkjet Result

Finger Pump


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