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One Product For all Your Coating Needs
PYM II Protects & Seals

           ¨ Wood Working
           ¨ Metals - Copper, Aluminum, Steel
           ¨  Bees Wax
           ¨ Glass
           ¨ Plastics
           ¨ Wicker
           ¨ Polymer Clays
           ¨ Craft Papers
           ¨ Newspaper
           ¨ Inkjet
           ¨ Inkjet Photo Papers
           ¨ Most Leathers
           ¨ Copic Markers
           ¨ Water Colors
           ¨ Solvent Color
           ¨ Canvas – Giclee Prints
           ¨ Water Slip Decal
           ¨ Alcohol Inks
           ¨ Charcoal Drawings
           ¨ Glitter
           ¨ Mica Powder

2005 Decade of Discoveries
One of the Top  100 New Products.

Attention Europe
 PYM II now available for many EU countries at Happy Things

The Blue Bottle Tree has a great information page on PYM II

PYM II will only be available at Retailers.
Good News......PYM II Available at These Retailers
More Retailers to follow.

Retailers State Web site
DNA Creative Shoppe Burmuda www.dna-group.biz
Linda' Art Spot CA https://lindasartspot.patternbyetsy.com/search?q=pym=
Shades of Clay Canada http://shadesofclay.com/shop/pymii-preserve-your-memories-acrylic-sealant/
FDJ On Time LLC FL http://www.fdjtool.com
Sam Flax South GA http://www.samflaxsouth.com/
Blue Line Metals LLC IA http://www.beadwork-supplies.com/catalog/item/1943925/10295854.htm
Lavinia's Framing Mexico http://www.laviniasartframes.com/
Viking Woodcrafts, Inc. MN http://vikingwoodcrafts.com/
HappyThings Netherlands http://www.happythings.eu/
Serenity Bead Shop PA http://www.serenitybeadshop.com
The Clay Alley PA http://www.clayalley.com
Scrappin' in the City TN www.scrappininthecity.com
Scrappin' in the City TN https://www.scrappininthecity.com
Poly Clay Play TX http://polyclayplay.com/
Poly Clay Play TX http://polyclayplay.com/
Scrapbook N Such TX http://www.scrapbooknsuch.com/
Treasured Memories WY http://www.codytm.com